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Vege Out

Mixed vegetable based treat for you dog.

Barkley Bites

Mint & Parsley Dog Treats

Dirty Paws

Peanut Butter flavoured dog treats.


A tasty mixed berry treat, named after my taste tester Tobie.

Fur-ever Love

Beetroot and sweet patoto flavoured, heart shaped dog treats.

Quite Fetching

Pumpkin, Carrot and banana flavoured dog treats

Mash Ups

A Paw-fect combination of 3 signature flavours.

Tropo Pup

A tropical treat full of Coconut, Mango and Pineapple.

The Owner - Rebekah

The Owner - Rebekah

Hi my name is Rebekah   I...

| In Galleries | 06 May, 2020
About Us - Puppy Lane Treats

About Us - Puppy Lane Treats

Those of you who own...

| In Galleries | 13 June, 2020

About Us - Puppy Lane Treats

Loving, loyal, affectionate and adorable – Tobie

Those of you who own dogs (puppies, fur babies) and can’t imagine life without them.

Loving, loyal, affectionate and adorable – these are just a few words that describe my family’s fur baby Tobie. He’s been with us 12 years and is a part of the family, so his health and happiness is important to us.

Tobie’s always been a healthy and active dog and at 12 years old he still is in good physical shape although he does like a little more relaxation time. Tobie’s veterinarian has always said his teeth, skin and coat are extremely healthy and I want to help keep it that way.

So I have started making my own treats which is exciting and satisfying. I love finding new combinations for the treats that are packed full of all kinds of nutritious ingredients. Now Tobie isn’t a fussy eater but it’s rewarding seeing him gobble up and enjoy my homemade treats knowing he is benefiting from the natural ingredients.

Tobie anxiously awaits when the treats come out of the oven. When the time comes that they are ready for tasting he can’t contain his excitement. The treats pass the smell test and he licks his lips eagerly waiting his treat. Yep they pass the taste test as well and he can’t wait begging for another one. 

Every dog love treats! To them it’s the equivalent to us eating chocolate or candy. As a dog owner, it’s only natural that you want to give them a treat from time to time. So from one dog lover to another I welcome you to Puppy Lane Treats.

The Owner - Rebekah

Hi my name is Rebekah

combining my love of dogs and their health


I started Puppy Lane Treats in 2020 with the help of my family so I could share my doggie treats that Tobie loves so much with you all. The best thing about Puppy Lane Treats would be combining my love of dogs and their health as well as having fun creating the treats.

I’m 14 years old and live in Queensland Australia with family including our fur-baby Tobie.


I look forward to seeing photos of adorable pups enjoying my treats or hearing my customers excited about my range. I have a passion for dogs and I’m dedicated to making treats that are full of low allergenic ingredients.


I wanted to create a treat range, where people could feel safe and happy knowing they are giving the best treats to their pups.




Puppy Lane Treats

For Natural, Healthy and Delicious Dog Treats you need to see us!

What our clients say about us

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My little mate BLAIZE went off his food. nothing worked over 2 days . Introducing onto these lovely treat. Now he's eating again.

Chris J. // Customer


Jack enjoying his treats. Thank you bek Puppy Lane Treats.

Johnny D. // Customer


Our dog Harley is very picky with her food. She LOVES Puppy Lane Treats. We will definitely be buying more.

Deanne F. // Customer

These treats are amazing, my dog adores them and they're all natural. They are perfect sizes, variety of flavours and they're certainly a new favourite from us!

Rhi M. // Customer


Our team

Rebekah Terpkou

Owner / Manager

memberRebekah Terpkou

Rebekah Terpkou

Owner / Manager


Resident Taste tester



Resident Taste tester

About us

Narangba. Brisbane Australia
Tel: 0468 536 525
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all dog lovers out there. Here is some yummy healthier treats that will keep your furry companions happy, because they deserve great food too. Puppy Lane customers are anyone who sees their dog as a little human with 4 legs and wants the best for them. They love treating them to quality products with no preservative added.