Sunday, 17 January 2021

A Woofmas Box is on Every Pups Christmas Wishlist!

Merry Woofmas Gift Box for your pup



May your Christmas be Furry and Bright!


Merry Woofmas Box just released as a Christmas special.

Taking orders now for delivery or pick up early to mid December.


My Merry Woofmas Box includes:

* 1 full bag of Mid Delight Treats - flavour randomly selected

* 25 of each flavour in Mini Bites as a sample (makes a full bag)

* 2 special Summer Edition Tropo Pup Big Bikkies

* 25g Mash Up Pup Trainer sample

* 1 Toy - randomly selected

* Collapsible Travel Bowl or Travel Bag - randomly selected


A Woofmas Box under the Christmas Tree is on every Pups wish list!!!



*****Here is a direct link to our shop and the Merry Woofmas Boxes (click here)